28 August 2015

A layout with lots of tags and cards embellishments

Good morning, everybody! Well, in France, morning is almost finished... And I have ton of work to do! Back to school is on Monday and I am as much overwhelmed than excited!
The good thing is: my four fellow teachers look really nice in this new school. That's really really a good thing! 

But back to scrapbooking: after two double layouts and one single from my August counterfeit kit, I decided I should make another one with all the leftovers (homemade!) embellishments. I didn't use any sketch this time, I just layer everything on my background...

counterfeit kit

The photos are about my youngest son and all the things he used to love to play with.

I'm quite happy with what I did with this month's kit.
When do you call a kit "killed"? As for me, it's more about what I used (tools, homemade embellishments or forgeries made especially for my kit) and how many projects I did (at least 3-4, depending on the size).
When I make a last project, I look at my kit and I wonder what I never used (tools, type of embellishments...) and I try to use them. I often make unusual layouts that I love when I do that!

Here is a resume of my August counterfeit kit, with my starting kit, my 4 layouts and on the right top, what is left:

kit leftovers

Not sure about what I will be able to do next mont... Probably a card kit ?

26 August 2015

Scrap your stash-2: use your washi tape, twine & ribbons!

Hello and welcome to SCRAP YOUR STASH-2!

If you missed part 1 about stamps, you can find it hereToday, we will look at ideas for using your washi tape, twine & ribbons!

As for me, I used my August counterfeit kit and I layered some washi tape on the banners, and also on the journaling card (to hide some writing that didn't fit). I used ribbon instead of a strip of paper.

Scrapbook Generation sketch

(Sketch from Scrapbook Generation)

Here is the Pinterest board for today's post:

1- Use it as a background

Lynn Ghahary (CHECK THIS LINK: tons of inspiration for washi tape, amazing!!)
Katie Ehmann

2 - Use a lot: the rainbow way

3- Use it in a new way:

Punch it: Melinda Spinks
Frame it: Ekskou
Embroid it: Stacy Cohen

4- Just use it...

Stick it (washi):
Lisa Dickinson
Laura Vegas
Stacy Cohen

Tie it (twine):
Bow it... Or don't (ribbon):
5- Pocket cards: 

6- Bonus cards and tag!
Etsy (no link)

Next Scrap Your Stash-3 will be about using paper collections!

25 August 2015

Scrap your stash-1: use your stamps!

Hello, and welcome to SCRAP YOUR STASH-1!

I decided to share on my blog a serie I made about 6 monthes ago for my favorite forum... but I never finished it, so I will publish the end on this blog, but let's start by the beginning, "Scrap Your Stash-1"!

So from time to time, I will share ideas to use your scrapbooking stuff, and today, we will look at ideas for using your stamps.

On my layout, I used several stamps:
First, a butterfly stamp: I embossed some vellum with gold embossing powder, then I fussy cut it to make embellishments.
Then, two words stamps that I turned into something like "faux stickers"or faux labels. One is circle-shaped and one is cut in pennant shape.
I also stamped a coral label to hold my date.
Next, I used a music background stamp to dress my background.
Finally, I stamped a part of the title with a mini alphabet stamp.

I used my August counterfeit kit and a sketch from Scrapbook Generation.

For this "stamps" inspiration, I also gathered my favorite projects from scrapbookers I love and I hope they will inspire you!

Here is the Pinterest board about using your stamps:

Don't forget to click on the links to see more about the projects: some have videos!

1- Fussy cut or punch it and use as embellishment
Jennifer McGuire(She also stamped the frame)
Sandra Charbonnel (french)
(Click on the link to see the whole mini album: lots of ideas!)

2- Create your own labels & journaling boxes

Sandra Charbonnel (french)
(Everything is stamped...)
Summer Fullerton(Stamped labels)
 Jennifer McGuire(With video!)

3- Repeat it to create a border or a frame, or to dress-up a background

Patricia Da Silva (french)
(Amazing blog for shabby and stamps lovers!)

4- Add textures to titles/die-cuts or backgrounds
Sheri Reguly(Click on the link for step-by-step instructions).
Hero Arts(Tone-on-tone look)

5- Pocket cards:

Nichol Magouirk(With video!)
Vavie (french)

6- Bonus card and tag! 
Maile Belles(She stamped twice for a shadow effect).
Kim van der Sander(With video)

See you soon for Scrap Your Stash-2: Use your washi tape, twine and ribbons!

24 August 2015

Hello I'm back, is there anybody still here?!

It was a long time ago since the last time I blogged... The reason is that I will go back to work after a 8 years break! I was a (kindergarten) teacher before having my 3 kids, but now that my youngest will go to school in september, I will also go back to school.

I was very excited to know that I will have 4 and 5 years old pupils in september and I spent all my time reading and studying everything I need for my job!

But I also had in mind what my oldest son said in april when he noticed that I didn't scrapbook anymore: he was very concerned that we would lose some important memories... I said that we won't lose them if these memories were that important, but he said we would. And he might be right.

I never was the one to document everything, but I realized the few I documented was still important. And I felt a strong desire to continue that even with my (beloved) job. However, I really needed time to study again to be ready for the back to school, so that's what I did...

But now, I'm back to this blog, and I'm very happy about that! Scrapbooking is such a wonderful hobby, and I will definitely need it to relax...

I wasn't sure where to start, so I decided to play again with the Counterfeit Kit Blog, because I'm always inspired by their challenges. (I even tried their master forgers' search but I wasn't picked). The kit to counterfeit was "Confetti" by Crate Paper, and here is the kit I put together from my stash (Crate Paper's kit on the left and mine on the right):

Here are some close-up:

Firstly, I looked  for the color palette in the Crate Paper's kit:

Then I picked my papers (I usually make a large selection first, then I narrow to a few sheets only, as I prefer smaller kits). 
I added some alphabet stamps and dies that matched the kit to counterfeit (similar font or look). 

I thought that this music stamp and  this big scalloped border die would also fit perfectly! I always try to add some tools because I tend to forget to use them...

There are also two small sheets of gold print vellum, one from an origami paper pad, and one that I made myself with gold embossing powder and a tiny star stamp.
I am not a washi tape girl and honestly, I have almost none of them, but when I saw in my (grocery) shop this yellow roll with blue birds and pink flowers, I had to buy it... 
Finally, I picked some ribbons, buttons, wood veneers and brads, and of course I made some embellishments too! 

I chose my favorites embellishments (and/or the ones I thought that I could easily recreate myself) among the "Confetti" collection.
Here was the inspiration sheet I made:

The spinning pinwheels, the rosettes, the paper bows, the basic labels, the tickets... There were a lot of things I used to make myself!

For the cards, I made some tutorials (the Crate Paper's ones on the left, mine on the right):

I'm pretty happy with how these ones turned out!

The key is to use ink markers. Regular kid markers might work too.
I used a tag die that I found for very cheap some time ago, but it's not difficult to make your own. To reinforce the hole, you can cut a round shape and fold it in half.
The size of my tag is about 2-1/4 x 3-1/2 inches.

1. Using my ink markers, I inked my stamp with several colors, starting by the lighter color, and finishing with black on the edges.
I blew off steam on my stamp before stamping (you know, same than when you try to create steam on a window!) to keep the ink to dry out, then I stamped.
2. I used a water brush to smudge the colors into the stamp print.
3. I stuck the ribbons or the paper strips, and I drew a faux-stitching frame.
4. Finally, I added two tiny brads on the flowers and a word stamp (I inked each letter with a different color, and I used again the steam technique to keep the ink to dry out).

The next card was inspired by the Crate Paper's black and white tag.

This one was easy! I just picked a word stamp and white embossed it, then I rounded up the corners with a punch.

The camera one wasn't difficult either. It was inspired by the Crate Paper's "cheers" tag.

1. I cut a camera from a patterned paper (We are Memory Keepers, I think), but a camera stamp would have worked too. I stuck it with foam tape.
2. I picked two assorted inks and I inked my word stamp with both colors at the same time, love the result!

The polaroid frame was fun to make, and I plan to make more with different shapes (flowers, Christmas trees, stars...).

1. I cut a card with the size 2-3/8 x 2-3/4 inches, then I cut out an opening inside it.
2. I layered my kraft frame onto a white background and glued it.
Then I cut a heart shape from patterned paper, and I stuck it on my polaroid card with foam tape.
3. I stamped a small word in the bottom.
4. Finally, I added a tiny gold brad.

A little tip when you cut too far: use a bone folder to crush the mark and it will be almost invisible!

The last card is made by layering 3 pieces of paper. Lots of possibilities...

1. First, stamp the background (I used a writing stamp onto a piece of kraft paper with the size 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches).
Then, punch a border (or tear it up) from a patterned piece of paper (with the size 2 x 2-3/4 inches).
Finally, stamp your pattern onto the last piece of paper (with the size 1-3/4 x 2-3/4 inches). I used gold embossing powder for my dandelion flower.
2. Add a word stamp (ink markers are great because they allow you to pick exactly what you want to stamp).
3. Layer and glue everything and add a staple.

And here is the first layout I made with my August Counterfeit kit (I used a sketch from Scrapbook Generation, they save me so much time and I like the focus on the photos and the story):

scrapbook generation sketch

The white stars on the background are made with modeling paste and a stencil.

The title reads "First snow" and it tells the story of the first time when my youngest son was old enough to really play with snow. He was mad at his older brother who called him "penguin" because of his snow suit...

See my piece of washi tape? I used it to hide some writing on my pocket card because the words didn't fit my needs (I think it was a birthday pocket card).
What are your tips to use embellishments with writing you don't like?